10 Tips for a Better Flight

Posted on September 19th, 2017 by showcase

10 Tips for a Better Flight

Flying nowadays can be really overwhelming and confusing with so many delays and long security lines.

Many of our Riverside limousine service customers have different levels of stress while traveling. Traveling, for business or pleasure, doesn’t have to be stressful; on the contrary, it should be an enjoyable experience.

We have gathered this little guide of 10 tips for a better flight to improve your travel experience, no matter the purpose of your trip.


Planning is the Key

Make sure you plan your travel as early as possible. When it comes to flying for personal or business interests, is important to be well prepared. Planning can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but booking in advance can get you considerable discounts and more time for you to enjoy at the airport. You can go shopping, you can book a spa session before that long flight, or you can enjoy a healthy, delicious meal before boarding.

Review Current TSA Threat Level

Safety comes first. Don’t expect everything to be as you’ve planned but prepare for your next flight learning about the security checkpoints, security wait times and threat levels.

Arrive Early

The earlier you arrive the easier it will be for you to get through the lines at the check-in and at the TSA security checkpoints. You can relieve anxiety with a cup of fresh tea, or something a little stronger in the lounge while waiting to board.

Check your Bag

Know in advance the requirements for your luggage weight and the number of bags allowed. Have an id tag inside and outside your and make your suitcase stand out; use a bright or metallic ribbon or luggage tag, this will improve identification at the return carousel.

Pack Light

Know in advance what the weight restrictions are. Pack light, create outfits for every day you are going to spend on your trip.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Making comfortable in the plane may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Take with you a lightweight fleece and a small pillow, especially if you are going to fly for many hours. Bring your favorite book, listen to your favorite music and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Dress Comfortably

Dressing appropriately for air travel is sometimes overlooked. Dress as comfortable as possible. Consider dressing in layers, wearing breathable fabrics, comfortable shoes. Of course, you can wear something comfortable and classy in the same time.

Keep Some Cash on Hand

Keep some cash on hand in case you want to buy food or beverages on board.

Know Your Airports

Flying can be a real headache, especially when you arrive at the airport. So, research as many things as possible about the airports including TSA security, ground transportation, shops, lounges.

Consider Ground Transportation

The last thing you want to do after a long flight and TSA lines is to drive in an area you aren't familiar with. Instead of dealing with the hassle, book in advance our limo service Riverside, and let our professional chauffeurs provide a stress-free experience while driving you safely to your destination in style and comfort. Our driving values provide the highest quality of service and safety, guaranteeing our clients an exceptional experience.

Posted on September 19th 2017

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