3 Alternatives to a Traditional New Year’s Resolution

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3 Alternatives to a Traditional New Year's Resolution

How many times have you heard the ‘New Year, New Me’ quote? If you have had just about enough of this platitude, you are not the only one. While the new year indeed brings with it a chance to hit the reset button, we have probably overemphasized the importance of the beginning of the year. Realistically, you can hit the reset button at any time of the year, all you need is the conviction. We, at our limo service in Riverside, have found that New Year’s resolutions have gradually become a rinse and repeat the exercise that typically yields little to no results. We make the same resolutions we made three years ago, yet less than 10 percent of us ever follow through for the entire 365 days; barely half of us make it past the first month.

Therefore, this year, at our Inland Limo Service, we have decided to put together three alternative resolutions that you can apply as opposed to the conventional resolutions we have recycled for years now. We hope these go a long way in giving you a better, more unique experience in 2019. Have a marvelous year ahead.

1. Intentions List

If you are your own worst critic, if you have high expectations of yourself, if you tend to be too hard on yourself, we suggest creating an intentions list as opposed to a resolutions list as a gentler way of setting goals. Rather than setting strict targets, note down thoughtful intentions you would like to implement throughout the year and revisit them on a regular basis in order to keep yourself on track. In your intentions list you will have entries such as, ‘look forward to the euphoric feeling after exercise every morning’ instead of ‘exercise every morning’. This will foster a positive attitude that will encourage you to keep forging forward throughout the year.

2. Journaling

One of the biggest reasons why we find ourselves being sidetracked from our goals is we don’t have a clear idea of how we want our day to go and the results we want to see by the end of the day. In this sense, we let the day control us rather than controlling our day. To avoid this, we recommend journaling; create a to-do-list for the following day every evening. Review, internalize, and visualize the list when you wake up in the morning and you will have a tunnel vision of the day, which will eliminate all forms of distractions. Repeat this every day – meet all your daily targets, and they will soon accumulate to larger millstones that will eventually lead to the achievement of your ultimate goals.

3. Have a Word of the Year

Meditate on what you want to achieve this year and once you have a full picture, think of a word that encompasses it all and make that your motto. The word could be ‘Balance’, ‘Action’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Service’, ‘Excellence’, ‘Contentment’, and so forth. Every time you feel lost or demotivated, focus on your word and you will remember why you embarked on the journey in the first place, setting you right back on track.