4 Best Business Travel Accessories for the Avid Traveler

Posted on November 01st, 2017 by showcase

4 Best Business Travel Accessories for the Avid Traveler

We all know how exhausting traveling can be. But it can also be really easy with the right tools. The key is to pack a few travel essentials that will come in handy and make your journey feel like a walk in the park. Our Inland Limo Service is a seasoned player in the transportation industry with over 30 years of experience and, as such, we can confidently say we understand what makes traveling stressful and what appliances can make it feel effortless. Here are 4 convenient travel accessories you can bring with you on your next business trip for a stress-free experience.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

As a business traveler, you probably want to catch up on work, your reading, or polish up on that presentation before you arrive at your destination, but how can you focus when there are distractions all around you? There’s an overly chatty kid seated next to you, an excited group of friends on a vacation trip, even the gentle whirling of the engine. Noise canceling headphones shut the world out and protect you from these inevitable audible assaults. Play some soothing tunes and get lost in your world as you comfortably work on the task at hand. Also, headphones act as a ‘do not disturb’ sign so even the people around you will recognize that they need to give you sufficient space to go about your business, which will hopefully lead to the creation of a more serene environment.


Wireless Portable Router

This is one of the most important travel accessories for a business traveler. As much as Wi-Fi connectivity is virtually everywhere these days, you can never really be sure about its speed and reliability. However, with your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot router, you can connect to the internet on multiple devices wherever you are. This way you will be able to access important work documents and keep in touch with the office throughout the duration of your trip.


Universal Electrical Adapter

Different countries have different electrical sockets and you may find yourself being unable to connect your devices to a power source because you’re prongs don’t fit the socket. To avoid such inconveniences, bring a universal adopter that is designed to facilitate your access to any type of socket. On a business trip, when you’re supposed to be most accessible, the worst thing that could happen is having all your devices go off and falling off the grid; so we highly recommend that you invest in a universal electrical adapter to avoid such a disastrous situation.


Mobile USB Storage

As we have mentioned, internet access can be a problem when you’re traveling. Assuming you don’t have a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, your mobile phone will be the only way to access the internet. But how do you transfer files from to and from your computer? A mobile USB storage is the fastest and most convenient way to transfer files you have downloaded on your phone to your computer or to transfer files to your phone for uploading. These tiny accessories have as much as 16GB worth of space and connect to any mobile phone through a micro USB port. After you have copied files on the device, the other end of the device has a standard-size USB connector that you will use to connect to your computer and transfer the files.

Posted on November 01st 2017

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