4 Tips for Organizing a Team Building Retreat

Posted on January 09th, 2018 by showcase

4 Tips for Organizing a Team Building Retreat

‘Team building’ is a term that is used widely to describe a variety of corporate events from team training and development to corporate fun days and it can get a bit confusing when you are trying to organize one, especially when you are using another company’s model to organize your own. Our Riverside Limousine Service has therefore decided to clarify this matter once and for all; here are tips that any company can apply in organizing their team building event for a successful, unambiguous outcome.

Identify your Audience

Before making venue, transportation, food, and accommodation arrangements figure out who will be participating in the event, their average age, their interests, their job positions, their interest, and so on. Once you have identified the participants you will be able to accurately plan for them. Identifying participants will ensure that you don’t make too few bookings or too many that the company ends up losing money in unutilized deposits.

Planning Committee

Organize a team that will assist you with planning the event; dividing tasks amongst several individuals is one way to ensure that each aspect of the event gets executed with precision rather than spreading yourself too thin. Ensure that there is a constant correspondence between your planning committee and the persons you expect to attend the team-building event. Delegates expected to attend the event will be more inclined to participate actively if they feel that they played a part in influencing the decisions that went into bringing the event together.

Have Goals for the Event

Whether your team-building event is geared at restructuring the company, celebrating a victory, or addressing certain performance issues, the objective of the event should be crystal clear to everyone in attendance. For example, if a certain department of the company has been performing poorly, the objective of the event should be to identify the issues leading to this dismal performance as well as to find lasting solutions to the problem. Remember, it may not be wise to try and tackle all organizational problems in one event; it is better to have a single event for a single issue in order to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves and that it is exhaustively addressed.

Choose Activities Wisely

The activities you choose for your team building event should match the goals for that event. For example, if you want to boost the cohesion within a certain department of the company, you should choose activities that demand teamwork and coordination form the participants. Very often, companies want to take up an activity that sounds ‘fun’ even when it doesn’t match their goals, which will ultimately render the entire exercise redundant. All activities in your team building event should have a purpose geared towards the achievement of the event’s goals; otherwise it will all be a waste of time.

Posted on January 09th 2018

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