5 Creative Ideas for an Impressive Client Outing

Posted on February 27th, 2018 by showcase

5 Creative Ideas for an Impressive Client Outing

Events are a great way to reconnect with clients, retain them, or simply have fun and show your appreciation for them. However, it is not always easy to come up with the perfect activity, is it? Our Inland limo service understands this and as a result, we have come up with ideas for a great client outing you can apply. Have fun out there!

Rooftop Location

There is an endless possibility of venues you can choose from when you are planning a client outing, but few are as impressive and unconventional than rooftop locations. Most corporate/business events tend to take place in conference halls, classy bars, scenic outdoor locations, etc., but your client has already experienced this. So, if you really want to impress your clients, why don’t you pick something a little less common, something that will really make your event stand out? Bring your guest to the refreshing outdoors and let them experience a beautiful skyline. Additionally, if you want to go out with a bang, you can organize a personalized firework show that will really make the affair memorable.

A Cruise

If you want to create a warm, adventurous, yet fancy experience for your client, a yacht is a perfect option. A yacht may be an expensive option to host an event on, but if your client has played a significant factor in the success of your business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make them feel appreciated. Also, consider hiring top-notch live entertainment to keep things interesting and lively as you navigate the seas and unwind.

An Art Event

Find out what your client likes and if they happen to be an art lover, why not host and art-themed event in their honor where guests will get to create paintings of their own. To make things interesting, propose a competition where the person with the best painting will have their painting framed at your business’s premises in commemoration of the event. This is a perfect way to bond and share a couple of laughs with your client.

The Outdoors

If you’re having trouble settling on an activity that will impress your client, you can never go wrong with an outdoor event. Who doesn’t love nature right? Why don’t you take your client away from the concrete jungle and enjoy a cup of tea in nature? You could also take them out to see wildlife or take them out fishing at the nearby lake. Alternatively, you could take them to the nearby shooting range or for a bike ride at the local nature trail. When all else fails, outdoor activities are your best bet for ensuring that your client ends up having a wonderful time with you.


The Casino

Invite your client to the local casino and try your hand in a selection of classic casino games, just make sure not to go overboard with it; bet low, it’s just for fun. Ensure that you place a limit on the amount of money you intend to spend and after you have reached your limit, head over to the bar for a light chat as you conclude the night. This experience is a sure way to create memories and strengthen the bond between you and your client.

Posted on February 27th 2018

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