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Office Party Etiquette

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Office Party Etiquette

From snacks to dessert, speeches and standup comedy, cocktails to beer, office parties can be really interesting. But our limo service in Riverside finds it absolutely imperative to remind you that we don’t have to get carried away by the excitement, which is why we have come up with this short list of office party […]

4 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

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4 Best Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

February 14th is only a month away and, as tradition dictates, we have to figure out how we want to express our love to the important people in our lives. One of the easiest ways to show your significant other, a friend, or a family member that you care for them is by getting them […]

3 Alternatives to a Traditional New Year’s Resolution

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3 Alternatives to a Traditional New Year's Resolution

How many times have you heard the ‘New Year, New Me’ quote? If you have had just about enough of this platitude, you are not the only one. While the new year indeed brings with it a chance to hit the reset button, we have probably overemphasized the importance of the beginning of the year. […]

Top 3 Cities to Visit in California in 2019

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Top 3 Cities to Visit in California in 2019

California was not labeled the Golden State without good reason. The state offers diverse geographical and cultural wonders, a critically acclaimed culinary scene, arguably the best wine in the country, and vibrant cities. Having been in operation in the Southern California region for years now, our Riverside limousine service has become quite familiar with the […]

How to Recharge Your Career Goals for 2019

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career goals

As the new year approaches many of us are busy setting resolutions for many aspects of our personal lives. But what about our careers? The new year offers new opportunities to take a step back and look at your career from a fresh perspective, allowing you to set some exciting new career goals for 2019 […]

Christmas Holiday Fun with the Kids: Family Friendly Activities in and Around the Inland Empire

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Christmas Holiday Fun with the Kids Family Friendly Activities in and Around the Inland Empire

It is a big misconception to assume that Christmas in Southern California is a one-day event that only happens on the 25th of December. Christmas in Southern California comes early, with Christmas-themed events lined up from mid-November, running well past the actual Christmas day. As such, our Riverside limousine service specialists found it prudent to […]

Business Travel and Other Stress Management Tips for Leaders

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stress management

Anyone in a leadership position can attest to the fact that the responsibilities of leadership and stress are part of the same transaction. It is absolutely impossible not to feel the weight of your obligations as a leader but, thankfully, you can learn how to manage this stress. This is what has inspired today’s post; […]

3 Items to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

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wedding limo

No matter how much time you have given yourself or how meticulously you plan, the actual wedding day is full of little surprises, tiny preparations that were somehow overlooked as you were concentrating on more important details. That’s why the specialists of our limo service in Corona have taken the initiative to give you a […]

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2018 in Southern California

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, set for the 22nd of November, but as a tradition in most parts of the United States, the Inland Empire, and Southern California at large, we cannot wait. There are already numerous Thanksgiving-themed events and activities underway and many yet to come. The specialists at our limo rental service […]

Your Safety – Our Number One Priority

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A white 2001 Ford Excursion Limousine was on its way to Amy Steenburgh’s 30th birthday party, ferrying 17 close family and friends, as well as the chauffeur when tragedy struck along Route 30 in Upstate, New York, on the 6th of October. At around 2pm, the limousine lost control on a T-shaped intersection, slammed into […]