Essential Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Posted on October 02nd, 2018 by showcase

Essential Tips for Traveling with your Pet

For most of us, our furry companions are more than just pets, they are our family, and leaving them behind when you are traveling may feel like leaving a baby behind. Even holidays may not feel as good if we had to leave behind our trusted companions. If that sounds familiar, then this post has been tailored specifically for you. Our Riverside limousine service has compiled a list of essential tips you could apply for more convenient travels with your pet.

First, public transportation with your pet can be quite hectic, especially when it comes to ground transportation. Some people just don’t like pets, some are allergic, and some may even feel afraid. You may therefore want to consult with a reliable ground transportation service like our limo rental service in the Inland Empire and find out what their pet policies are for a hassle-free travel experience for both you and your furry friend. The following are a few more tips for effortless travels with your pet.



Ensure that your pet has a sturdy collar with an I.D tag for the duration of the trip. The tag should indicate your permanent residence, your telephone number, and how you can be reached during your trip. You should also bring a recent photograph of yourself alongside your pet, which will make it easier for hotel staff, airline workers, police, etc. to identify your pet and simultaneously verify ownership.


Carrier Adaptation

Before going on a trip, it is would be wise to get your pet used to the carrier; preferably months prior to the actual trip. Let your pet familiarize themselves with the carrier by confining them for there for brief periods of time. Place their food dish in the carrier, take them on short drives inside the carrier, leave them in a room alone inside the carrier, etc., to help them get acclimated to the travel conditions they will be faced with on the actual trip.


Take a Walk Prior

Before going on your trip, take your pet for a walk around the airport, bus station, train station, etc. This will not only let your little companion stretch before the long journey, but it will also take a lot of their excess energy and tire them out, which will increase the chances of making the journey a relaxed and peaceful one for both of you.


Food & Water

Bring enough food for a round trip and keep them constantly fed and hydrated during the trip. We recommend that you keep their feeding routine normal unless you want to deal with a digestive malfunction. We thought so; don’t just pick up any cheap alternatives to their food for duration of the trip, make sure their usual diet is available all through.


Pet Friendly Hotels

A lot of hotels are pet-friendly, but it’s always safer to plan ahead. In most cases, if you have a pet you will only have to pay a small extra fee, so find out which pet-friendly hotel options are open to you at your destination before you leave home.

Posted on October 02nd 2018

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