Follow These Useful Wedding Transportation Tips for a Truly Special Day

Posted on March 12th, 2019 by showcase

Follow These Useful Wedding Transportation Tips for a Truly Special Day

You might already be dreaming of your upcoming wedding and preparing for it, or you could also be helping someone you love to get ready for theirs. Whichever the case, there are always a few things to set in place from the start to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and one of it is your transportation for the big day. Also, how do your guests intend to get around from one place to another? Do they need your help in getting a ride?

While there are many questions to be answered in time, you’ll want an experienced company by your side, and our Riverside limousine service can help you plan and prepare all the necessary arrangements. We’re no strangers to big and important events, and we’ll love to be a part of your big day. In fact, we’ve even got some handy tips to help you get started on your transportation plans:

It’s All in the Details

There’s going to be plenty to think about, prepare and do before the big day, so don’t add on to your growing list of concerns by ensuring you have all your guest details on hand. Get together a call sheet with relevant information such as names, pickup and drop-off addresses, contact numbers, and so on. Provide the limo service with all these details the night before or the morning of your wedding to ensure that everything is as prearranged.

Know When to Book

You’re probably looking at a four to six months booking in advance for most things. When it comes to your transportation choice for the big day, you’re likely to want something with specific details (e.g. white color, vintage, etc.), so don’t wait too long to decide on your dream ride. This is especially crucial for those with weddings around the months of April to June as more luxury rides will be booked for graduations and proms.

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle

The mode of transport for you and your partner and everyone else is essential. There’s also the matter of ensuring that your attendants and other guests arrive on time too. This is where hiring a transportation company makes sense. Not only are you getting help from an expert, you’ll also have tons of transportation choices to choose from to complement your wedding needs.

Get an Accurate Headcount

Not everyone will require a lift on the day, but if you’re able to arrange for transportation that just makes everyone’s lives easier, you can always provide this as an alternative. Once you’ve more or less confirmed who would like a lift, you can then get to the next stage of compiling the necessary details (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to provide to the transportation company.

Give Each Trip Enough Time

No one wants to go through the stress and delay of heavy traffic, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it on your special day. To avoid any unnecessary hiccups, do remember to give yourselves and your guests extra time to arrive and depart. Certain things like the weather, types of outfits, and other unpredictable events can also throw a wrench into the mix, so an extra 20 to 30 minutes on each ride would be good.

On your big day, you deserve to be treated like royalty. That’s exactly what Showcase Limousine will strive to do when you select us for your Riverside wedding transportation needs.

Posted on March 12th 2019

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