Habits to Stop in 2018

Posted on January 03rd, 2018 by showcase

Habits to Stop in 2018

As we go further and further into the New Year, a lot of us are trying to improve ourselves by vowing to do things like: be better financial managers, eat healthier, lose weight, and so forth. However, our Limo Service in Riverside is of the opinion that most of us are overlooking a very fundamental issue. In order to be the best versions of ourselves, the old us has to die; we have to kick out some toxic habits we have acquired over the years and start making healthier lifestyle choices. We have therefore compiled a list of some common bad habits that you need to avoid this year if you want to feel better about yourself, look good, and generally have the best year yet.

Go Easy on the Bottle

Well, if you enjoy a taste of the devil’s nectar now and again, we won’t tell you to quit drinking because that may not be realistic (unless you think you are alcoholic, then you may want to consider quitting). Drinking is one of the world’s most favorite pastimes. However, it is only healthy if it is enjoyed with moderation, otherwise it stops being fun and becomes destructive financially, socially, emotionally, and even health wise. Why don’t you start limiting the frequency of the instances you engage in this pastime as well as the number of drinks you have per sitting. Besides, there is so much more to do in the world other than sitting in the same barstool you sat in throughout 2017. Head out and enjoy the world, try new activities, meet new people, join a club, create unique memories; expand your horizons.

Falling off the Wagon on a Diet

Do you dream of reaching that perfect weight? Have you made diet resolutions before and then fallen off the wagon after a week or so? You need to understand that when you give into your cravings after sticking to your diet for a short period, you will dive into that pile of food with one thing in mind; to ‘make up’ for all the times you sacrificed, and you will gain all the weight you had lost right back, probably even surpass it. If you are not going to stick it out, you are better off not beginning at all. Decide today to go on a diet, stick to it, and maintain that perfect body you have always wanted by building your life around eating patterns that are not necessary rooted in deprivation. For example, after strictly dieting for a month, go to your favorite restaurant and reward yourself with some of your favorite cake. This unrestrictive reward system will motivate you to keep at it, and soon it will seem effortless.

Doing Things you Hate

Life is too short to spend it doing things you despise. For example, sticking to that soul-sucking job or trying to work on a relationship that died a long time ago; there are so many examples. Do not be afraid to live your life your way, stop doing things you have no love for, no matter who tries to guilt you into living life their way. Cut out anyone and anything that no longer makes you happy; you only have one life to live, live it your way, live it to the fullest.

Posted on January 03rd 2018

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