How to Make Father’s Day Special: 4 Ideas Dads Will Absolutely Love

Posted on June 05th, 2018 by showcase

How to Make Father’s Day Special: 4 Ideas Dads Will Absolutely Love

Father's Day is the one day of the year when we get to show our dads love and affection because normally, unlike our mothers, they don’t seem to have much need for it. Whether it’s your husband’s first Father’s Day, or your dad’s 30th, there is always something you can do to make this day absolutely perfect for him. Our Inland limo service has put together a short list of ideas that you can employ this Father’s Day to make that special man in your life feel appreciated.


Father's Day Brunch

Treat him to a hearty Father’s Day brunch; this is a timeless and delicious way to honor your dad or the father of your kids. Take him to his favorite eatery and let him order whatever he wants, or better yet, put together some of his favorite breakfast foods and surprise him. To spice up the brunch, try finding a few breakfast recipes online and switch it up a bit. Remember, you want it to be memorable, and if you use the same recipes he is used to, it may end up feeling like the same old thing to him.


Personalize an eCard

Dads are simple creatures, so to speak, and you don’t have to do anything grand or extravagant to impress them. Something as simple as a customized eCard could make his whole day on Father’s Day. Websites such as Punchbowl enable you to choose from numerous designs, photos, and messages for your card. Choose one you think dad might like and complete it with a personal, heartfelt message and mail it to him. He will wake up to one of the cutest emails he has ever received and that might just be enough to make the day special for him.


Barbeque Extravaganza

It’s a universally known fact that all dads love meat, well, most dads. If your dad happens to fall in this category, a great way to celebrate him is organizing a barbeque with all his favorite mates. Grab them a couple of steaks and beers and make sure he knows that the extravaganza is a celebration in his honor.


Family Picnic

If there is one thing all dads enjoy, its seeing the whole family together, having fun and reconnecting. One of the easiest ways to get the family together is organizing a family picnic where everyone has to contribute in the preparation. Get the entire family together on Father’s Day; have the little ones on sandwich and lemonade duty, have the older kids go to the store for essentials, and the grownups can handle all the cooking. Depending on where you live, you could either choose a park, a beach, your backyard, etc. Make sure dad is away as you make these arrangements and have him come over when everything is ready.

To make the day hassle-free for everyone, and extra special for dad, consider hiring our Riverside limousine service and experience concierge transportation. Let us handle all the driving and navigation as the family focuses on enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the head of the family.

Posted on June 05th 2018

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