Inland Empire Thanksgiving Events

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Inland Empire Thanksgiving Events

If you don’t really feel like staying indoors this Thanksgiving, there is a lot going on in the Inland Empire and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Step out and burn some calories, meet new people, and give others a reason to be thankful. Our Limo Service in Corona believes there is a unique activity that is a great fit for everyone this season and, as such, we have come up with this list of events and functions that you can try out this holiday season.


Riverside Turkey Trot

This year’s Turkey Trot will be the third of its kind, continuing a tradition that started on Thanksgiving back in 2015. The Trot is essentially a run that features a 9.3 mile stretch, a 6.2 stretch, and a mini trot for the kids through the extraordinary streets of Downtown, Riverside. The Riverside Turkey Trot is scheduled for Thursday 23rd, the official Thanksgiving Day, starting at 9am. Don’t be afraid if you don’t feel like you’re in the best shape for a run, you are not required to run the whole distance, you can even stroll slowly with other participants from the beginning to the end. This event is geared at bringing the community together to get healthy and have fun before enjoying a Thanksgiving feasts.


Ponoma Valley Mining Co. Thanksgiving Buffet

The Ponoma Company Buffet is also scheduled for Thursday 23rd from 12 to 7pm. Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal as you overlook the Mining Company and other great Inland Empire features. You will get to enjoy all the classic Thanksgiving delicacies including slow-cooked roast turkey, ham, carved prime rib, fresh fish, candied yams, assorted salads, cornbread stuffing, and much more. For dessert, you will enjoy various pastries, fresh fruit, pies etc. Admission to the buffet will go for $35 for adults and only $12 for kids. We recommend that you make early reservations to guarantee that you don’t miss a seat to this glorious feast.


McKinley’s Grille Cuisine Dinner

This will be a family-style Thanksgiving dinner that has been set for Sunday 26th from 12 to 8pm at the McKinley’s Grille in Ponoma. All meals are prepared under the keen eye of Chef Adam Haverland; Havereland has a reputation of guaranteeing peak of the season freshness in all his menus and your Thanksgiving meal will not be an exception. Get to try his famous corn-fed beef as well as his hand-selected fish and poultry. All the crops used at the Grille are hand-selected by Horticulturist Don Delano and creatively put together to bring out the flavor in every meal. The wine list at the McKinsley’s Grille is also as impressive, with a selection of various winners from the L.A International Wine & Spirits Competition. Admissions for the Thanksgiving dinner will go for $29 for adults, $15 for children between 6 and 12, totally free for kids below 6.

Posted on November 21st 2017

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