Make Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Right at Home with These Simple Tips

Posted on February 05th, 2019 by showcase

Make Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Right at Home with These Simple Tips

Weddings are definitely a special occasion that involves friends and relatives from all over, and that can even mean booking flights and traveling across state lines. There will be effort and expenses incurred on their part in order to share in your happy moment, so the least you can do is make time in your busy schedule to welcome them, help them with their needs, and even entertain them. Now, with that in mind, let’s continue on to what you can do to make your guests feel at ease:

Use Save-The-Dates Earlier On

Save-the-dates are definitely a nice gesture to anyone attending, but they’re especially important for out of town guests. They’ll usually require more time to arrange their transportation and accommodations for the wedding. Having this option on hand will help them plan in advance, and this can include saving money on air tickets, getting their leave approved, and so much more.

Thank Them During the Reception

Every guest needs to be acknowledged and thanked at some point during your wedding reception. You can very well give a thank you speech which includes everyone, but it’s still good to go around and greet them personally. This piece of wedding etiquette will take up your time and energy, but if it makes everyone feels appreciated, it’s well worth it.

Do Your Best to Keep Them Entertained

You needn’t put on a show or anything like that, but for guests arriving a little earlier (say a few days), you can always arrange a simple welcome reception to spend some time with them. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, you can even get them to join in. Otherwise, you can also provide them with a roster of suggested activities, things to eat and places to see so that they can easily entertain themselves.

Assist with Accommodation and Travel Plans

When you’re traveling to a new place or somewhere, you’re not entirely familiar with, a little help goes a long way. Considering this, do help to provide your guests with a few helpful suggestions for accommodations and travel options. You’re not required to pay the way for them, but you can see to it that they have the best variety on hand to choose from.

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

There aren’t that many transportation options available, especially when you rule out public ones. Out of town guests will usually resort to renting their own cars for the duration of the stay, but that will also mean unnecessary hassles and extra costs. Why not look consider our Riverside limousine service instead? We’re more than prepared to accommodate large groups and special occasions, so do reach out to us and we’ll help you out in any way we can.

On your wedding day, you deserve to be treated like royalty, and that is exactly what Showcase Limousine will strive to do when you choose us for all your Riverside wedding transportation needs. Contact us as soon as possible to discover more about our rates and services.

Posted on February 05th 2019

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