Office Party Etiquette

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Office Party Etiquette

From snacks to dessert, speeches and standup comedy, cocktails to beer, office parties can be really interesting. But our limo service in Riverside finds it absolutely imperative to remind you that we don’t have to get carried away by the excitement, which is why we have come up with this short list of office party rules and etiquette that you can share with your colleagues/employees to ensure that, amidst all the fun, everyone stays on their best behavior.

We would also like to recommend employing the services of a reliable car service for your colleagues and employees. A reputable car service such as our Riverside limousine service will guarantee that everyone arrives to the party at the same time and that they are transferred safely to the comfort of their homes after the celebration is over, especially since it may be late and some of them may have had too much of the devil’s water. The following are a few simple rules to live by when it comes to office parties.

Dress Appropriately

Of course, it’s a party and you should feel free but if, for example, the office party is formal, you should dress the part; perhaps wear the same formal clothes you would normally wear at work. On the other hand, if it’s a costume party, don’t be the party pooper and show up in formal clothes, play along and find the best costume you can find and wear it with pride. Remember, the work environment is all about teamwork and unity and it is important to show your support for the group activities the team has decided to participate in.

Engage Someone

Your coworkers are not just people you see in the office from 9 to 5 after which they power down until the next morning; they are not machines. These are people with lives and families and hobbies and things they care about, the same as you. Put the office talk on the shelf and engage your colleagues on a more intimate level; get to know them beyond their roles and job titles and let them get to know you as well. This will not only birth new friendships but will also create a more cohesive and healthy work environment for yourself and them.

Watch the Booze

Although the purpose of the party is to put work aside, relax, and unwind, remember you’re still a professional and you are still amongst colleagues. Keep your decorum flawless by watching how much alcohol you are taking. Avoid getting sloppy and creating a negative image of yourself.

Bring Someone

As mentioned, your co-workers are people you spend a significant amount of time with throughout the week, so it is important for them to get to know you better, the same way it is important for you to get to know them better. Bring your significant other, a brother, a sister, whoever you deem fit, to the party and don’t be shy to walk them around and introduce them.

Posted on January 15th 2019

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