The 5 Essentials Steps to a Successful Business Dinner

Posted on March 19th, 2019 by showcase

The 5 Essentials Steps to a Successful Business Dinner

If there’s one place your manners (or lack thereof) will be apparent, it’ll definitely be when you sit down to a meal with others. In fact, there’s more to dining etiquette than meets the eye, and even the simplest action can have serious consequences. When it comes to a business meal, you’re looking to establish two things: a good impression and a continuing relationship for the long run.

Instead of complicating matters, our Riverside limousine service emphasizes top-notch service and communication above all else. Our customers are important to us, and because we’ll love for them to have a great time with us as well, we ensure that their safety and comfort is guaranteed. In fact, the elements that we ourselves practice down below can definitely be used for a successful business meal:

Setting the Right Agenda

There’s an agenda with every meal, and when it comes to a business dinner, it’s crucial that you know and understands why you’re dining in the first place. Determine if it’ll be a social meeting with the idea of bonding with a prospective client. It could even be a more serious talk revolving around a business deal. As long as everyone on the table has a clear idea, the meal will go a lot smoother.

It’s Still Work

When you’re sitting down to a business dinner with one or more people, you’ll want them to view you as a professional with the right amount of networking skills and sufficient knowledge of how to traverse a business meeting. This isn’t the time to get into happy hour mode, so although you are supposed to feel comfortable, don’t sink too much into the bliss that you forget to pursue your desired outcome.

The Food is Secondary

You’ll want to concentrate on the talk at the table, not so much the plate in front of you. With that being said, do remember to eat a little something before your business dinner so you won’t end up starving. Also, avoid ordering messy foods as that will only bring your attention away from others on the table and might also culminate in frustration and an unpleasant experience for everyone.

Get Ready to Talk

These days, talking is fast becoming underrated with people rushing about their lives and technology minimizing the need to communicate manually. However, when it comes to a business dinner, the important thing is communication. Show a genuine interested by preparing a few questions to ask at the right time. You’ll also want to have a wider knowledge of a broad range of general topics to keep the conversation running smoothly.

Take Note of Your Body Language

Our body language speaks volumes, and it plays a major role in every conversation. It might not be obvious if you’re not used to it, but simple motions such as turning away or slouching can reveal much about a person. To convey attentiveness, sit straight and look directly at the other person. You should also utilize other table manners such as chewing with your mouth closed and not pointing your utensils at other people.

We are more than happy to provide you with the best limo service Corona has to offer for your next business meeting. Our professional chauffeurs will treat you and your business partners with the utmost respect as we deliver your guests to their desired destination. When you want the best, count on us.

Posted on March 19th 2019

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