The 5 Travel Packing Hacks Everyone Needs

Posted on March 26th, 2019 by showcase

The 5 Travel Packing Hacks Everyone Needs

Traveling is something anyone can do given the time and money, but the idea of packing for the next trip isn’t usually met with much enthusiasm. Most of us view the entire process as a headache, but it really doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of tried and true methods you can easily use yourself, and we’ve got the best of them listed right here:

Prioritize Carry-On Luggage

Bringing a carry-on instead of checking in your bags has many benefits. For one, you can skip the long counter and just head past security with your carry-on. Secondly, you also wouldn’t have to wait to collect your bags when you land. If you need more convincing, how about stories of lost or delayed luggage?

Use the Roll-Up Method 

There isn’t exactly that many ways to save space, but rolling up your clothes definitely helps. Instead of packing them flat and wasting space at the edges of your luggage, just roll them up and even use reusable and compressible plastic bags to further squeeze excess air out. It’s going to take a few more minutes, but it’ll be worth it.

The Bag Balancing Act

Nobody likes a wobbly bag, especially one that keeps tipping over the minute you let go of it. To avoid losing one hand to your luggage, you can pack more efficiently. Keep heavier items like shoes and liquids at the bottom of the luggage and place lighter things on top. Once your luggage is balanced, your life will feel a whole lot saner.

Remember Your Essential Items

Save yourself the time and effort to get your hands on your essentials by ensuring that it’s always with you. Your carry-on will be stowed away on top, and you don’t want to be bringing it down every single time. Instead, store your important and frequently used flight items in a small pouch and bag that you can easily access sitting down. 

Bring the Necessities

Avoid bringing your entire wardrobe with you on your trip and instead stick to what you’re comfortable and used to wearing. Overpacking can be a nightmare, especially when you’re then lugging around things you’re not even using. For those who tend towards excessive luggage, learn how to stick to just half of the clothes you’ll usually bring with you.

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Posted on March 26th 2019

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