Your Safety – Our Number One Priority

Posted on November 06th, 2018 by showcase

Your Safety – Our Number One Priority

A white 2001 Ford Excursion Limousine was on its way to Amy Steenburgh’s 30th birthday party, ferrying 17 close family and friends, as well as the chauffeur when tragedy struck along Route 30 in Upstate, New York, on the 6th of October. At around 2pm, the limousine lost control on a T-shaped intersection, slammed into an unoccupied parked vehicle, hit two pedestrians, and finally came to a halt at the bottom of a ditch. Amongst the victims were two sets of newlyweds, four sisters, and two brothers; the incident has been dubbed by authorities and media houses alike as the worst car crash since 2009.

Some sources claim that the limousine had recently failed a routine operations inspection, that the chauffeur was not properly qualified or licensed to operate the vehicle, and that one of the occupants had sent a text message to her cousin complaining about the limo’s state only moments before the tragic incident occurred.

This was indeed a terrible occurrence that rocked the country and the concierge car service industry, including our limo service in the Inland Empire. We have therefore found it imperative to inform our esteemed clients that our limo service in Riverside adheres to extremely rigorous standards of safety in order to guarantee our clients the utmost level of protection whenever they ride with us. Here are some of the measures we take to keep you safe and protected.


Our Fleet

When it comes to client safety, there is no compromise or shortcuts with us; your safety is our biggest priority and, to guarantee it, we have kept a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. Our vehicles undergo routine inspections before dispatch, which guarantees that you are stepping into a safe environment every time you set foot in one of our vehicles. Further, we conduct maintenance checks on a daily basis, whether the vehicles are being dispatched or not, just to double-check and verify that each vehicle is at optimal running capacity.


Highly Qualified Chauffeurs

All our chauffeurs are highly qualified and undergo one of the most stringent vetting processes of any concierge car service. Each of our chauffeurs have to be properly certified and licensed to be able to drive our vehicles. Additionally, each chauffeur must have had a minimum number of years’ experience and maintained a clean driving record within that period. Further, we conduct extensive background checks on all our candidates alongside local authorities to ensure that our employees are all individuals of upstanding character before we can entrust our valued customers to them. Each chauffeur also has to undergo a personalized customer service training course to guarantee that you are not only in safe hands, but that you also get to experience an all-round, satisfying transportation experience.


Data Protection and Privacy

In addition to your physical safety, we are also committed to protecting any bit of sensitive information you share with us. All our information technology platforms are up-to-date and geared at keeping all your information strictly confidential and only accessible by you and a few of our authorized personnel.

Posted on November 06th 2018

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